South Indian actors have amazed us with their power-packed performances. They have inspired us with inspiring quotes.

“Stress and looks are directly connected as far as I am concerned. If you are happy, you look good.” -Mahesh Babu

“Tough times call for tougher decisions.”- Prabhas

“Everything else is irrelevant after the bliss of giving a perfect shot.” – Prabhas

“Audiences remember you because of your work, so I believe in working hard through my films.” ― Prabhas

“Failure doesn’t scare me. And neither success. I am equally detached to both.” – Prithviraj Sukumaran

“When Desire ends, Peace begins” – Rajnikanth

“You won’t get anything without hard work. What you get without hard work will never fructify.”- Rajnikanth

“God gives a lot of things to bad people, but he will let them fail eventually. God tests good people a lot, but he will never let them down.”- Rajnikanth

“I don’t like to mix my personal and professional life. Both are different, and I don’t mix it.” -Naga Chaitanya

“I learn everything with my every film. If we stop learning, we would stop growing as an actor.”- Naga Chaitanya

“Everyone has ups and downs. You can’t always get exciting roles.” – Mammootty

“Emotions are the same to all human beings. But there is some difference in the way people react to situations.” – Mammootty

“I try and strike a balance between being sensible and sensitive.” -Rana Daggubati

“Every story has a place where it deserves to be told.” -Rana Daggubati

“I don’t stress too much on things, be it failure or success.” -Rana Daggubati

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