Like all forms of meditation, body scans are intended to be simple. Below are some steps to get you to begin.

Be Comfortable.

Lying is especially suitable for body scan meditation before bedtime. If that is not possible or convenient, you can also sit comfortably.

Take a deep breath.

Slows breathing, starts breathing from the abdomen instead of the chest and inflates and contracts the abdomen with each breath. If you notice that your shoulders move up and down with each breath, focus on your abdominal breathing so that the abdominal balloon inflates and contracts with each breath. Try these breathing techniques for further practice.

Bring awareness to your feet.

Now slowly turn your attention to your feet. Start by observing the sensation of your feet. When you notice pain, recognize it and the thoughts and feelings that accompany it, and breathe gently through it.

Inhale the tension.

If you notice any unpleasant sensations, pay attention to them. Take a breath and see what happens. Visualize the tension that evaporates into the air, leaving the body through breathing. Continue when you are ready.

Scan the whole body.

Continue this exercise in each area of the body, gradually moving your legs up until you reach the top of your head. Pay attention to how you feel and where you hold your stress. If you have tension, pain, or pressure, continue to breathe into the tension, pain, or pressure you are feeling. This can help you release the tension in your body now, and help you become more aware of it in the future so that you can release it.

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