Patients can use motivational interviewing to confront and improve their attitudes that are hindering them from making better lifestyle decisions. The main objective is to overcome ambivalence with drive that leads to decisive behavior.

Many people who are battling with drug or alcohol misuse are aware of the hazards of their actions. They are aware that quitting is in their best interests, but they are torn between the want to prolong utilizing substances regardless of the risk and the desire to avoid. Insensitivity and a lack of willingness to change behavior are common outcomes of this conflicting mood. Therefore, substance misuse persists.

The purpose of motivational interviewing is to assist the patient generate a favorable attitude toward transformation by establishing a trusting relationship between the psychotherapist and the patient. As a result, the patients feel more motivated to take constructive steps toward overcoming their habit. Therapists utilize a variety of strategies to help clients change.

Motivational interviewing assists patients in taking another step in their rehabilitation from mental illness or addictions.

Motivational interviewing has a number of advantages. It helps in

1) Assisting people in taking accountability for their own acts.

2) Patients are encouraged to imagine a scenario completely free of substance abuse problems and mental health problems.

3) Patients are being prepared to be more responsive to therapy.

4) Increasing the client’s self-assurance and faith in oneself

Motivational interviewing is an excellent complement to other types of therapy and drug abuse therapy. It’s particularly helpful for people who aren’t ready to make the essential lifestyle modifications.

Motivational interviewing, when employed to assist people suffering from a mental health issue, can help them improve control of their problems. Patients suffering from clinical depression may be more likely to seek further treatment, continue existing counseling, or communicate more freely with their psychotherapist in order to discover a successful remedy.

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