In his speech, Dr.Myles is talking about how a person can be a leader. He says, “If the creator of the universe is the leader of the universe then I should be the leader of the earth.” He gives the example of an eagle who is the leader of the bird kingdom and the lion who is the leader of the animal kingdom. Both are the kings of their domain. Every leader has an attitude which makes him different from others. He talks about the spirit of the lion, even if the lion is not the tallest animal, the heaviest animal, or the strongest animal yet he has the power when entering in front of other animals they all run away.

Be a front-runner as you conquer obstacles to productive leadership. Find out realistic leadership traits within you. Believe that real leadership means making others as good as, or even better than, you are. Be motivated and stimulated as your leadership within is activated. True leadership is not something you sense but something you become.

According to him, the right leader can turn a timid person into a bold and courageous person. Leadership can walk into a camp of depressed people and it can turn into a bunch of powerful armies because leadership determines everything.

A lion is the king of the jungle only because of his attitude, he has a different attitude which makes other animals afraid of him. The animals are afraid because they respect him. Attitude is the product of belief, you cannot have your attitude beyond your belief. Your attitude comes from your belief system.

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