Arnold Schwarzenegger is a well-known figure in the United States; nonetheless, he was born in Austria in 1947. Arnold was shaped by his upbringing in a country that had just suffered a devastating defeat in a world war. Because of the post-war occupation, it is stated that alcoholism became common after the war and that there was little food and a lot of poverty throughout the country. For years, these conditions had a severe impact on the morale of many men across the country, including Arnold’s father.

These early circumstances would eventually drive Arnold to wish to flee Austria for America as soon as possible. Fortunately for Arnold, after learning about Reg Park, he discovered his “golden ticket” and his way out of Austria when he was only 15 years old. Reg Park was a bodybuilding champion who used his fame in the sport to break into Hollywood. And it was after learning of this man’s accomplishment that Arnold made up his mind about who he wanted to be and what he wanted to do with his life. Arnold would become the youngest European Champion bodybuilder at the remarkable age of 20 after only five years of studying his success plan and putting in five hours a day, six days a week in the gym. Arnold would go on to dominate the bodybuilding world for the following 15 years.

Arnold Schwarzenegger would never lose sight of his ultimate objective, which was to become a big-time Hollywood movie star, despite his many triumphs in bodybuilding. He didn’t lose sight of the prize. And, sure enough, he earned a reputation for himself in Hollywood before he turned 30 after winning the Golden Globe for the best new male star of the year. Arnold would shift his attention to politics after decades of success on the big screen. As a result, he ran for governor of California and won the election. As a result, he was elected as California’s 38th Governor.

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