While religion appears to be mentioned everywhere from the campaign trail to the sports field to the awards ceremony stage, it is a topic that should be avoided at work. Faith is a personal matter for many people, and they are sensitive about it. There’s no need to keep your religion a secret; it’s acceptable to talk about what you do to honor it but keep in mind that not everyone worships in the same way.


Politics is, without a doubt, the most explosive subject. It creates outbursts of rage and has resulted in the dissolution of relationships, even between close friends and family. Conversations about it aren’t worth it given the amount of time you spend at work and the need to get along and work side by side with your coworkers.

Your Sexual Experiences

There is no need for anyone to know what you and your partner or partners are up to. This subject makes a lot of people uncomfortable, and it can make your coworkers feel awkward around you. Discussing your sex life could land you in legal trouble. Someone may have grounds to submit a sexual harassment complaint if they feel intimidated or believe you have created an inappropriate work environment.

Your Professional Goals

There’s nothing wrong with considering your current position as a stepping stone to something bigger and better, but keep your thoughts to yourself. Speaking about your objectives may, understandably, cause your supervisor to doubt your loyalty and some coworkers to dislike you. If you want to advance inside your current company, do an excellent job and, of course, inform your manager that you want to advance. Your deeds will speak for themselves.

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