The missed calls, blank calls, fake calls and others are now trackable due to Truecaller. The man who has made us feel secure, safe and well aware in this aspect is the founder of Truecaller, Alan Mamedi. The private held company in Stockholm and Sweden, True Software Scandinavia AB, founded by Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam developed Truecaller.

Alan Mamedi was born in a refugee camp in northern Sweden a month after his Kurdish parents immigrated. From his first job after university, he experienced and learnt a lot of things. He realised what he wanted and what he didn’t in his own company.

Alan Mamedi has founded a number of companies before starting the ambitious venture, Truecaller.

One day, the cell phone geeks, Alan and Nami, were pestered by unknown calls which turned out to be their relatives. Since they were unable to identify the unknown caller, it led them to brainstorm on thinking of a product which could identify the caller whose number wasn’t saved on the phone.

Therefore, to find a fast solution to identify the phone numbers, in 2009 Alan and Nami created Truecaller as per Yosuccess reports. Initially, it was just an online forum and it was launched on Symbian and Microsoft Windows which was later made available for Android and Apple iPhone.

In the beginning, the application provided the names of the people who were calling. Within the first week of its release, when there were 10,000 downloads, it motivated the developers to work harder on it.

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