Laughter is the key to getting someone to like you. If you want your girlfriend to like you more than you need to make her laugh.

Here is the guide to make your girlfriend laugh.

1. Make her smile

You first need to make her smile and you can do that by adding a bit of confidence, silliness and some funny compliments. This will make her smile in no time. Another way to make her smile is to crack a joke.

2. Be ready to laugh at yourself

If you want to make your girlfriend laugh then you need to approach her in a relaxed way. This would also make her relaxed and ready to be amused. Loosen up, smile and make eye contact.

3. Gently tease her

You can gently tease her by your sweet yet little chiding comments towards her. In this way you can even secretly compliment her. However, don’t be too hard on her. Show her that you are interested in her.

4. Come up with funny questions to ask her

If you are not the confident type then you can come up with some funny questions to make a girl laugh. If you have a set of funny questions, then you can not only get her to laugh but also get her to talk about herself.

5. Create your own style of humour

Ponder over the things that you do or say that make your friends crack up, especially the female friends and use it to strengthen. Ensure that they are light hearted jokes and not malicious.
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