Our world has noticed many of the leaders who took upon their shoulders, the responsibility to inspire and lead the world towards light. Whether is your workplace or at home, we all strive to the better leader or role model for the kids. But we often learn the best lessons of our lives from history. The great leaders who brought us independence got us through the wars and revolutionized our perspectives towards inferior people are the ones who teach us many things even from beyond the graves. Here are some of the world-changing names that we wish we had with us today: –

Abraham Lincoln – He is best known for his celebration for keeping the nation united during the Civil War and signing the emancipation treaty that ended slavery in America. His leadership displayed that a good leader must be persistent and confident in his choice even if others don’t believe in the same vision.
Mahatma Gandhi – Mahatma Gandhi was an anti-war activist who taught the world the true meaning of peaceful solutions. His ideology based on non-violence spread like fire throughout the world and played a key role in India’s Independence. He also helped South Africa in ending the racial segregation. His thoughts on achieving peace and justice in a non-violent way are still regarded as the best method to solve any conflict in the world.
Nelson Mandela – Forgiveness is more important than vengeance. This was a very important rule of his life which later became significant to the entire world. He spent almost 30 years in prison but still didn’t let go of his determination to achieve freedom and peace. He then became South Africa’s first president in fully democratic elections.
Martin Luther King Jr. – He was a civil rights activist who changed America forever with his civil rights movement in the United States. MLK had such a huge impact on America’s perspectives towards racism that his determination resulted in the section of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which approved the government to integrate open facilities.
Mother Teresa – No person in the world could be as noble, humble and down to earth as Blessed Mother Teresa. She taught the world to show kindness towards the poor and help all the needy, for not everyone is lucky enough to have food and shelter. She even helped the people with diseases like leprosy, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis that made them outcasted from other people.
Stephen Hawkings – He is the world-famous physicist who proved that hard work and determination is always victorious over even the world’s most difficult problems. He is well known for his groundbreaking work in cosmology, black holes and quantum physics. He was disabled for most of his life but he always told the world that ‘if you are disabled it is not your fault. But it is no good blaming or expecting it to take pity on you for your condition’.

These are just a few on the many who provided a helping hand in changing the world. Our world may never find more people like them. But we still have their ideas and thoughts in books and on the internet. They did their part, now it is our time to improve the world.

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