A resume is the first thing employers look at. They act as a silent salesman for your achievements and qualifications in life. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure that this salesman is effective enough to convince the employer to hire you. What makes up for an ideal resume? What are the things that must be included in your resume to make it look more attractive? Here are a few of them.

1) Ensure to use the right set of industry keywords. Your resumes can be improvised by adding important industry-related keywords to them. Take the time out to carefully think of the keywords and linguistics that are very commonly used in your field of work. Utilize these keywords while curating your resume.

2) Including a hyperlink- We are in the 21st century. The use of technology is adopted almost for everything. You can make your resume more attractive to the employer by adding a hyperlink that will direct them to your skills and talents. For example, a blogger could attach a hyperlink to his/her blog. This gives an edge to your resume and makes it more valuable to the employer.

3) List down your experiences- Experience matters to employers. List down all of your experiences one by one. State the set of responsibilities that you were entrusted with at your previous jobs shortly and simply. This adds value to your resume and helps the employer how valuable you could be to their company.

4) Contact information- This is one of the essential and must-have items in a resume. Contact information must be at the top of the resume so that it stands out in the resume. Contact information must include your mobile number, email address, your full name, and your address.

5) Qualifications and objectives- Another must-have item that must be included in your resume is your qualification details. The objective must be summarized in one or two lines and ensure to write it in a way that is unique and best suits the position you are applying for.

Include these striking contents to your resumes right away and improve your chances of being hired!

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