Morning set the tone for your entire day. It is very important what you do in the first few hours after waking up in the morning. This is because what you do significantly impacts your mindset, and if you do these five simple things in the morning, your life will be better than you think. Check those five things below.

1) Rise Early: Everyone loves that 5 minutes of extra sleep, which turns into 30 minutes or even more. Keep a habit of sleeping soon so that you can wake up early. By early means, at least till 6 a.m. If you wake up early, you can do all your chores and give yourself an extra hour.

2) Drinking Lemon Water: It is the best thing you would do for yourself. Drinking warm lemon water helps you hydrate your body, aid digestion, boost metabolism, and detoxify your body. So start it from today itself.

3) Meditation: There are innumerable benefits of meditation. Start your day with meditation, and this will incredibly benefit your physical as well as mental health. Simple mindfulness practice will establish a foundation for a peaceful day.

4) Exercise: To keep your body healthy, do 10 to 15 minutes of exercise. Stretch your body or do yoga to keep the blood circulation flowing throughout your body.

5) Gratitude: Begin your day with the positivity you have. Thank God for whatever you have, and pray for what you wish. This will make you feel good and keep you optimistic throughout.