Marriage is undoubtedly the biggest decision of your life. And so you should make this decision very calmly. Whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage, certain things should be there to make your married life successful. And if you are unaware of those things here, check out secrets to make your married life happy forever.

1) Equal Share: To run a relationship successfully, there should be equal partnership in whatever you do. Both people should share responsibility equally, and not just that, love, care, and decisions should be made equally. If things are handled one-sidedly, problems arise after some time in the marriage.

2) Personal Space: There should be personal space in the relationship. You are two different people with different opinions, likes, dislikes, etc. So you should give each other their time rather than forcing them to do things they are not interested in.

3) Mutual Understanding: Both people should give each other time for their work and life chores rather than misunderstanding for making time for you. It is very important for the growth of both the people.

4) Controlling: Avoid Being controlling. This makes your partner feel suffocated and frustrated, leading to unhealthy relationships.

5) Stay Busy: For a healthy and happy relationship, both people should be busy to get valued for their time and put effort into each other.

6) Gratitude: If your partner is achieving something, appreciate them and help them grow with your valuable words.