The Ocean 8 is a great heist film which gives loads of leadership lessons.

Here are the five quotes and leadership lessons to learn from Ocean 8.

1. “Great leaders are creative.” – Leadership lessons from Ocean’s 8

After her release, when Debbie shops from the Bergdorf Goodman while she didn’t have the receipt, she comes up with a creative answer enough it was deceitful. Whenever you are stuck in a problem, you need to look for creative solutions to help you get your job done.

2. “Great leaders know how to pique the interest of others.” – Leadership lessons from Ocean 8

While you lead, you need to be capable of piquing the interest of others. You should share the interesting details of a mission or a vision to pique up others.

3. “Great leaders put together a great team.” – Leadership lessons from Oceans 8

In Ocean 8, the heist that Debbie Ocean was planning needed a great team and for that working of team in unison is necessary. As an effective leader you need to guide and inspire your team.

4. “You are only as good as your weakest link.” – Leadership lessons from Ocean 8

In a team there are going to be weak links but you need to be ready to deal with those weak links. You need to prepare them and keep a close eye on them.

5. “Great leaders play the long game.” – Leadership lessons from Ocean 8

If you want to be successful in your mission then you need to play the long game. You need to wait as success won’t come overnight.

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