Hanuman has played an important role in the Ramayana. The 10 things to learn from Hanuman are as follows:

1. Aim for the sun

Hanuman gives us a lesson that no matter the obstacle, one should always attempt even the impossible goals and the universe will set things right.

2. Perseverance

Hanuman was persistent to find Sita to curb the miserable Lord Rama. If you want to achieve something, the universe will make it a reality.

3. He reminds to realize potential

Humans tend to doubt their abilities and second guess themselves which makes them do things that are below their capabilities and therefore it is important to recognize their potential.

4. Pragmatism

One should be practical and focus on the tasks at hand. Learn to prioritize the important things in life and adapt accordingly.

5. Blessings from everyone

Doing good deeds will gain you blessings from those around you. One should be humble, helpful, and persistent in life.

6. Strength

Work towards building your strength whether it be physical or mental. Ensure to strengthen your mind.

7. Selfless devotion to a higher cause

Hanuman found a greater purpose in life when he met Rama. Although personal achievements give us happiness, helping others would bring you prosperity.

8. Sense of humor

Rather than sulking in a difficult situation, one should put up a brave face and fight like a superhero.

9. The power to adapt to the situation

It is important to see things in detail by becoming small just like hanuman used to do. It would help you to find better solutions.

10. Loyalty and humility

You know your strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else does. Make sure to keep a balance between the two. Always be humble.

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