If you want to date a Gemini man then there are some tips that you should follow!!

1. Don’t be needy or clingy when dating a Gemini man

Remember that you should never appear clingy to a Gemini man. Emotions, particularly needy ones, are a huge turnoff to a Gemini man. He isn’t controlled by his emotions, but by his mind.

2. Text flirty messages to a Gemini man you’re dating

Gemini likes to flirt. When you text a Gemini man, you are completely expected to be flirty. You have to keep the chat playful. If you don’t understand how to flirt via a text message, you aren’t going to hold his interest for a long time. But even if you don’t know, as you start to date him you will learn it eventually.

3. Showoff Your Intellect to a Gemini Man

A Gemini man expects a partner who is intellectually equal to him. He wants you to keep a lively conversation with him on any topic. If you aren’t aware of a topic, be honest and tell him. And talk about topics you know and show him your intellect.

4. Allow Him Freedom

A Gemini man likes his freedom in all aspects, particularly when it comes to relationships. He doesn’t want a partner for marriage. There may come a time when he’s willing to settle down and have a family, but it will be when he’s ready. So if he is not, then give him his freedom and don’t hold him back.

5. Give him time

Never think of rushing or dragging your Gemini man to date you. He just doesn’t like being pushed. Therefore, if you truly like him and need something more serious with him in the future, then just give him time to think. And once he is ready he will be with you forever but give him as much time he needs.

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