· You skip breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is said that you must breakfast like a king, which means you must have a heavy and healthy breakfast.

Many of us skip breakfast to reduce food intake but end up eating more for lunch. When you skip breakfast, you starve till lunch and in turn you eat more in lunch.

Within the first hour of waking up, eat something healthy that contains fibre, nutrients, protein and vitamins.

· Your metabolism is slow

Your metabolism is the main factor that decides how fast you burn your calories. So if your metabolism is slow doesn’t matter how much you workout, your weight loss is going to be a long process. So you need to lift up your metabolism rate.

· You are eating before going to bed

If you are someone who munches snacks just before going to bed, it could be a reason why you don’t shed those extra pounds. Eat your dinner 2-3 hours before you lay down on the bed. If you have snacks in bed, make sure to eat healthy snack.

· Your genetics can be the reason

If you are taking all the steps to lose weight and still aren’t able to, there’s probably a problem in your genetics. You might have inherited slow metabolism from your parents or grandparents and you can do nothing about it. So you must work harder to lose weight.

· Stress and lack of sleep

Stress and lack of sleep can be another reason to affect your weight. Many people eat more when they are stressed and especially cake, chocolates and other food that is very high in calories. So if you indulge in stress eating try an alternative to reduce your stress by exercising and meditating.

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