The new Covid, which has navigated throughout the globe to taint more than 1 million individuals, started like countless pandemics and flare-ups previously which was inside a creature. The infection’s unique host was very likely a bat, researchers have stated, just like the case with Ebola, SARS, MERS and lesser-referred to infections, for example, Nipah and Marburg. HIV relocated to people over a century back from a chimpanzee. Flu A has bounced from wild fowls to pigs to individuals. Rodents spread Lassa fever in West Africa. However, the issue isn’t with the animals, as per researchers who study the zoonotic sicknesses that pass among creatures and people. It’s us, humans.

If we check all around the world, a different type of people is habitual to consuming different types of food. Many people feed on animals to satisfy their hunger. While some people stick to eating chicken and pork, people in China and Africa are known to eat dogs, reptiles, bats, wild animals and fishes. The major concern is that these animals are not tested in the lab to know if they are safe to consume by humans or not. All the animals get sick and illnesses throughout their life and we are consuming them; while some of the diseases won’t affect us but some may affect us just like coronavirus. All things considered, humans slaughtering animals to fulfil their needs of taste is what we must be worried about. We are still open to invite another deadly virus derived from animals which could be even more dangerous than the coronavirus.

Not just viruses, we are open and defenceless against natural disasters as well. We are constantly ignoring the needs of nature and offending it every day. We are shredding down trees and creating huge hire across the forests killing innocent animals. We, humans, are the reason why icebergs are melting at the poles and why we are not getting enough rains. If this keeps going, COVID is just the beginning of the disasters that humans will face in the future. We need to put an end to meeting our luxurious needs and start thinking about conniving nature individually.