Juggling from work to family to commitments can take a toll on you and you feel stress. It also disturbs the balance in life.

Here are the ways to end stress and get a balanced life.

1. Exercise

Exercise has an excellent effect on your body. It relaxes your body and mind while improving your mood. However, to get a well-balanced and stress-free life you need to exercise often.

2. Practice deep breathing

Whenever you find yourself in a stressful situation, take deep breaths. It relieves you from any pressure and it would be surprising how much better you’d feel.

3. Voice out your problems

It is better to talk about things that are bothering you, it helps to reduce stress. You can either talk to any of your trusted friends or family members, or someone who can understand your stress better. You can also engage in some positive self talks.

4. Discard the stressors

Find out the cause of your stress and work towards eliminating or at least reducing it. If you fail to recognise the stressors in life, it is better to maintain a stress journal.

5. Take a break

If you are a goal setter person, then in the beginning you might find it difficult to take breaks. But you need to take some time off for yourself and to relax your mind.

6. Make time for hobbies

Allot time for the things that you love. Do something everyday that makes you feel happy and it will definitely work in relieving your stress.
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