One should always try to take teeth hygiene and health seriously. Having unhealthy teeth and gums will associate with many chronic conditions like diabetes and other heart diseases. Poor oral hygiene can lead to many problems like dental cavities and gum diseases. This condition has a linkage to other diseases like heart diseases and diabetes. Having a daily check-up is necessary and is always suggested by the dentist. Try to include more calcium in your diet for better teeth.

It is essential and necessary to brush your teeth daily in order to keep it healthy. It is proven that 32% of the adults have untreated cavities. Cavities can occur to anyone despite the utmost care. Cavities are basically when food and other particles get accumulated in the grooves of teeth and it creates a cavity in the teeth. The best way to avoid cavities and dental plagues can be avoided by brushing and flossing teeth daily.

Here are a few ways of how bad oral hygiene can harm your oral health and eventually affect your body in a major way.

  • Bad breath

Bad breath comes when you don’t brush or floss your teeth regularly. Regular brushing and flossing remove bacteria and plagues from your teeth, gums, and tongue and eventually give you good breath. Brushing daily prevents bacteria to stay in and create an odor in our mouth. Try to ensure you are free from all the impurities stuck in the mouth.

  • Cavities and gum diseases

Unremoved plague and food particles remained can cause gum diseases and tooth decay. Plague damages your tooth enamel and bacteria infiltrates your gums and can cause infection leading to the extraction of tooth.

  • Risk of heart diseases

Studies have shown the link between poor oral health and gum diseases to heart diseases. The bacteria can cause inflammation and bleeding which can get into the bloodstream to the arteries, this can restrict the blood flow to the heart.

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