Graduated? Looking for new jobs with a high salary? If yes, you probably are also searching for jobs online on different websites. But here is the catch in finding jobs online, it is difficult to distinguish between a scam job and a legitimate job advertisement. Scammers and frauds now use the young aspiring job-seekers to steal them of their money by luring them with fake job offers. If you foolishly believe on fake job offers you may end up losing your or your parent’s money at the hands of these scammers. Thankfully there are some ideas you can implement in your job searching which are: –

  • Too good of a job offer – The offer they make you are better than excellent. They promise to provide you with facilities like stay, transport and a huge raise after some time. Remember they want you to accept the offer without thinking twice so they will use any means possible to grab your attention.
  • High salary – The education you took already tells you what kind of job you will be getting or what salary you might be earning in future. For example, a teacher knows that her salary cannot be more than the principal’s salary. If you are offered a huge salary, more than what you expect for your profile then it is probably a fake job offer.
  • Poor presentation – Apart from big promises, you can’t tell whether the job is fake or real by checking the advertisement properly. People to display a job advertisement don’t put a lot of efforts to make the advertisement creative or decent. Check the language they use correctly and if it is poor with a lot of mistakes then it is a fake offer. Similarly, when someone calls you and uses poor informal language while offering a job it is mostly fake.
  • You are asked to pay money – No company in the world will ever ask you to pay any money in advance to get selected for the interview or get hired. They may even claim that you have to pay a processing fee or any other made-up reason, but no matter what never pay any money to get a job. Even the biggest companies in the world won’t ask for money to hire you.
  • You are contacted by then first – Beware of people who call you and offer a job when you didn’t even give them your contact information. No company tries to offer a job to people who are not even trying to find a job. No company is desperate to find employees by contacting random people.
  • Asked for confidential details – Never ever share your banking details or any kind of OTP to get a job. If the employer asks for details that are unrelated to the job or hiring then it is probably a fake job. Do not share any confidential information over phone or internet.

Finding a job online is difficult but don’t rush in to find a job that may ruin your situation instead of improving it. Make sure you see through the fake job before accepting or sharing any private details.