Couples who cook together, stay together. It is indeed true. When we discuss cooking food, we certainly think of our mother or wife in the kitchen trying to make delicious food for us. It has become a tradition that only women have to cook and men have to earn money and bring home groceries. However, both the spouses in a marriage are supposed to cook irrespective of their jobs. Cooking together is both lovely and helpful for both. It is certainly hard to just cut the vegetables properly let alone prepare the entire dinner or lunch all by oneself. This is why cooking together improves your relationship and brings you closer. Some important reasons that improve your relationship by cooking together as a couple: –

  • Brings you closer – As mentioned in the beginning, if you cook together it makes a lovely memory and brings yo closer to each other. You get to spend valuable time together and laugh and giggle together. It is a good time to bond and make your relationship stronger.
  • Get old and fat together – When you get married, you promise each other to be there for each other in health and sickness and happiness and sadness. Cook good tasty food together and dine together without caring about the calories or weight you have been putting on. Nothing is delightful than eating the food you prepared together.
  • Preparing favourites – Everyone has a favourite food and preparing the same for your loved one is just beautiful. But when you take turns to cook each other favourite dishes you not only make each other happy but also improve your health. You make a habit of eating together and hence eating on time every day.
  • Small spaces help you bond – Even the most bitter enemies put in a cage together for a long-time makeup with each other. Being constantly together in the kitchen until the food gets ready makes you bond closely. You get time to cuddle each other until the water boils up. You can make out in the kitchen until your chicken becomes soft enough. All these things bring you closer than ever.
  • No mobile or tablet zone – Kitchens can get messy when you cook. Phones or any electronic device has no place in the kitchen. Hence you can take your time off from social media and screens. You forget about the world for a moment and focus on happiness on the hand. You learn to live in the present with your partner.