Captivation often manifests through subtle signs showing a person’s genuine interest. The first thing is sustained eye contact, a powerful indicator showcasing someone’s desire to connect and engage beyond friendship. In addition, frequent smiles and laughter while communicating are signs that the person loves your company. 

The second factor is body language, and it speaks volumes. Whether leaning in, mirroring your movements, or facing you directly, these indicate that someone wants to be with you. In some cases, when someone is captivated, they may also be nervous and possess gestures like playing with their hair or fidgeting, showcasing a mix of excitement and anxiety.

The third is active listening. It is a key sign when someone remembers details about your life and remembers small conversations from the past; it indicates a genuine fascination with you. In addition, they might also express curiosity about your interests, opinions, and experiences, showing a desire to understand you better.

Regular messages, calls, or seeking opportunities to spend time together also show one’s interest in maintaining a connection. A captivated individual may also do things out of their way to offer support or help, showcasing a deeper emotional investment.

However, whether you want to be with someone or not should also include factors like trust, connection, communication, compatibility, understanding, etc.