What kind of food you eat matters for your health. Many studies have shown that what you eat is more important than when you eat or how you eat. However, fasting is also considered a healthy practice for the human body. Fasting is a powerful tool that helps you maintain your health and well-being. And understanding the different fasting times and their benefits helps to build better health.

A 3-Day Water Fasting: This type of fasting should be done twice a year, especially in January and September. The 3-Day fast helps you get rid of old and damaged cells and supports longevity and rejuvenation.

36-Hour Fasting: 36-hour fasting is best to include in your monthly fitness routine if you want to lose weight. It helps you kick-start fat burning and deals with your weight management efforts.

Below 24 Hours Fasting: You should include this type of fasting once a week. It can help you have many health benefits. Also, it helps you improve insulin sensitivity and weight management.

48-Hour Fasting: This fasting duration is ideal for those who want to boost their mood and improve their mental health issues. You should practice 48-Hours fasting once in three months to help your mental health get better and improve mood swings.

In conclusion, monitor how your body reacts and works and seek professional advice. And if you have any disorder, or pregnant, or have a specific problem, you should take precautions.