Well, everyone wants to look young and fit, not at an old age but at least at a young age. However, the hectic lifestyle pattern, stressful days, lack of sleep, and many other factors make people look old, even in their 20s and 30s with grey hairs. And here, we share the major factors that lead to premature grey hairs, which make you old.

1) Stress: It is not good in many ways and is the same for your hair. The high-stress level can hasten the greying process. In addition, the research has also found that stress also leads to the depletion of pigment-producing stems in mice.

2) Dietary Deficiencies: Well, the health of your hair also depends on food consumption. The lack of important nutrients like Vitamin B and minerals can trigger grey hair. But with a balanced diet, you can fight this problem.

3) Smoking: The bad habits also affect the wellness of hair. For example, Tobacco smoke has chemicals that lead to aging. Smoking leads to better hydroxylation of the hormone estradiol and reduces the production of enzymes aromatase.

4) Lack Of Sleep: For the human body, sleep is a must. An inadequate sleep cycle impacts overall health. Scientific evidence shows that sleep deprivation leads to premature greying as it weakens the stem cells.

5) Hydration: Lack of water influences hair texture and color. Dry hairs can result in greying due to lack of moisture. Warm oiling is recommended in that case.