Fitness is nowadays an important part of life. All men and women are including daily exercise in their routines. Some workout for 2 to 3 times a week and a few workouts the days of the week. For men, it’s easy to always workout without any obstacles. Where is when it comes to women they do have to interrupt their workout, and the reason is menstruation or periods. Mostly during the first two days of periods, it’s very difficult for women to do their daily exercises, since the level of estrogen and progesterone are low, and also they experience inflammation. You can do simply no impact/low impact exercises and later on keep increasing the intensity as they come to the end of their periods. Many women track their period cycle and adjust their workout according to it. Simple cardio exercises can be done with low level stretching during the menses. Since your body isn’t in peak performance condition so try to not stress on your body and try to reduce stress. One can opt for Pilates, yoga, or slow cardio like slow jogging.

There are many apps that help ladies track their menstrual cycle and do their workouts more efficiently. Here below are few apps-

  • Period tracker-period calendar / Ovulation tracker

  • Fitrwoman- period tracking, training, and nutrition

  • Period Tracker, ovulation calendar, and fertility app

  • Period tracker

  • Period tracker flo, ovulation and pregnancy calendar

  • Womanlog period tracker and calendar

  • Period tracker MIA Fem – ovulation calendar

  • Miracle woman’s calendar

    There are many more apps that also plan a customized workout for the women and give them a proper flow to go from no impact to low impact to normalized impacted workout in their menstruation time.

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