Obesity and weight increase are becoming frequent issues. Losing weight is not as simple as it looks. You lose more calories than you gain. A nutritious diet, as well as a combination of strength and cardio exercise, are all part of the weight loss process. Heavy gym sessions are simple, but not everyone can go for numerous reasons, such as work or time constraints. For individuals who cannot rely on the gym to lose weight, this fitness program will help them get skinnier. A healthy weight is just as vital as a good training plan.

Here are four weight loss aerobic exercises:

Low-Intensity Cardio:

Low-intensity cardio routines are ideal for beginners. These workouts primarily consist of riding, jogging, power walking, and aerobics.

Rope Jumping:

Jumping rope enhances both coordination and cognitive function. It also raises your heart rate and allows you to burn up to 1,300 calories every hour.

Burpees are a combination of leaps, squats, and push-ups. These workouts burn fat throughout the body.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training):

These exercises take less time and burn more calories. It primarily consists of workouts such as butt kicks and sprints.

Here are some fitness sessions:

Fifty Mountain Climbers

Planks for 1 minute

1 minute of hollow hold

90 Russian twists 45 crunches

Squat lunges 50 times

30 push-ups

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