Chaos is preferred by the universe. According to the second rule of thermodynamics, the entropy of the cosmos is always growing. Entropy is defined as a system’s measure of disorder. This suggests that the universe is prone to become increasingly chaotic throughout time.
Settlement can be characterised as peace. This would necessitate worldwide cooperation. Natural selection, as defined by biology, is the “survival of the fittest.” Because not all species are equal, there will always be competition. Similarly, not everyone has an equal opportunity (e.g. some are born wealthy, some are born with defects, etc)

When there are differences within a group, whether for resources, housing, or security, competition occurs. World peace would likewise be impossible to attain under this premise.

Peace cannot be established if it is defined as harmony. There must be no dispute, disagreement, or chaos for there to be harmony. To presume that there is no disagreement is to assert that there is a clear right and incorrect way of thinking. If every person of a society appears to have the same thinking, it is likely that those who have other mindsets are simply suppressed. The system’s entropy is buried and will eventually explode forward. There is no way to get everyone to think the same way.

Despite humanity’s desire for peace, it is not supported scientifically or philosophically. There will always be rivalry since someone will always have something better. There will always be chaos in the world since it is impossible to get everyone to agree on anything.

Even if peace appears to be unreachable, we must continue to strive. Making the world a better place may be unattainable, but making it a better place is not. One tiny modification at a time would not harm anyone. Today, go out and be kind to someone. Add some positive chaos to this chaotic world’s instability.

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