· Improves flexibility

Many forms of dance like ballet not only look aesthetic but also improve the flexibility of the dancer. With all those difficult moves and splits, it requires your body to be flexible enough to carry out such performance with grace but practising such dance forms which require flexibility also brings more flexibility to the body by constant practice. Flexibility helps avoid injuries and pain in different body parts.

· Reduces stress

Dancing is a great way to reduce stress as dancing improves your mood and lifts your spirit. No matter how sad or depressed you are dancing will always make you smile and laugh. It will let you forget about everything else and just focus on the fun it gives you. To reduce the stress you don’t need to know any dance form. Just turn on the music system and dance as you want to.In fact, dancing without dedicated steps makes it much more fun.

· Improves heart health

Dancing is considered as a good aerobic exercise, it also focuses on your cardiovascular health. Dancing helps improve blood circulation and also lowers blood pressure by increasing the flow of blood in a single beat. It helps a lot to people with heart disease and breathing problems. Just make sure not to stress too much while dancing, stay relaxed and calm.

· Help lose weight

Dancing burns as much as 300-400 calories in just half an hour of it, depending on the intensity of dance. So if something as fun as dancing helps us reduce weight then why not. If you don’t really love exercise indulge in dancing. Dance for 30 min straight or with breaks in between.

· Better balance and strength

Certain dance form requires balance and practicing such forms helps in improvising balance. Frequent dancing will help you improve your posture and speed movements. Dancing also helps in strengthening as it is said to increase energy levels in a person. Many dance movements require you to hold your body in a single position which requires a lot of strength and balance. Dancing helps to enhance those skills.

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