Always remember that it’s your life, so how you are going to live the life is also in your hand. It’s nobody else’s business to tell you how to live. You live it however you want and with whoever you want.

Here are the ways to live your life on your own terms

1. Staying out of other people’s business

If you expect that people should be away from your business, then it is important to be away from their business as well. If you want to be unrestricted to live your life your way, you have to permit others to live their lives in their way. There’s no reason to get involved in anyone’s life but your own.

2. Staying away from toxic people

There are always some people who make it a point to get into your business whenever they can. They’re the ones always pointing out mistakes in your ideas at work, they always try to bring you down because they hate seeing others succeed. Whether purposefully or not, these people are extremely controlling, and will do their best to make sure you live your own life on their terms.
Those are the toxic people from whom you need to stay away.

3. Not holding yourself back

So many of us tend to stumble when confronted with a difficult task or judgment. But even if you hesitate, try to do it. Eliminate any doubts you might have about your capacities. Be positive in your capacity. Don’t hold yourself back, be confident and just go for it.

4. Stand on your own feet

When you are steadily expecting advice from those around you, you give up control of your own life. This can lead to letting others make choices for you, relying on others for financial help, or waiting for their response before taking a particular move. Always maintain control of your life. If you expect to live your life on your own terms, then it is important to stand on your own feet.

5. Understand the power of your thoughts

It is said that your thoughts are the creators of your destiny. Some believe that thoughts have an actual physical existence and strength, and their focus determines how you think and act. The dilemma with this is that humans often waste too much time thinking about what we don’t need or don’t want, instead of what we want and like. Take power of your thoughts and by doing this, success will be close to you. You will ultimately start living your life in your own way.

6. Stop comparing

Comparison is the obstacle in the way of joy. Comparing yourself to someone else lays your focus on the other person rather than on yourself. Always keep in mind that no one has a perfect life, and the people you feel have a perfect life are struggling, too. So instead of comparing yourself, try to be better each day. Try to be a better version of yourself but don’t try to be better than someone else.

7. Spend time with people who motivate, uplift, and value you

You can’t expect to have positive changes in your life when you spend the maximum of your time with negative people. But instead, the positive energy arriving from your friends and loved ones gives you greater confidence, reduces anxiety, and makes you happier. So instead of wasting your time around negative people who will control you, stay around positive people who will let you live your life on your own terms.

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