The itchy and annoying mosquito bites although harmless at times are capable of carrying various diseases such as malaria and zika. However, although many people believe that mosquitoes carry AIDs, it is not true. If a mosquito bites an HIV-infected person and then goes on to bite another person, it cannot transmit HIV to the second person. Mosquito biology and HIV biology do not permit it.

Mosquitoes do not carry AIDs for the following reasons:

1. HIV doesn’t affect a mosquito and hence they cannot transmit it to humans

Mosquitoes do not have the receptors that HIV uses to identify the immune cells and the virus gets broken down. Therefore, mosquitoes do not get HIV and they cannot spread it to humans.

2. It would take too many bites

HIV cannot be easily transmitted. It requires a large amount of virus to be transmitted to someone. Even if there is some amount of HIV still present in the mosquito, it is not enough for it to be transmitted to someone else.

3. Mosquito’s feeding mechanism

Also, mosquitoes suck blood from one of the two long tubes and use the other one to inject saliva into the bite. Hence, salvia is injected into the body and not blood. HIV can only be transmitted through blood and not saliva.

HIV is transmitted through blood, semen, breast milk, and rectal fluids. HIV can be transmitted through shared needles, unprotected sex, and pregnancy. Therefore mosquitoes cannot transmit HIV but they can transmit other diseases.

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