There are multiple jobs that pay you well if you are a bachelor’s degree holder. Here are the 7 jobs that pay well for a bachelor’s degree holder.

1. Architect

The average salary of an architect is $81,813 per year, according to the Indeed reports.

The role of an architect is to design buildings. They understand their client’s needs and accordingly draft and design the building.

2. Finance manager

The financial health of the company or an organization is managed by the finance manager. They analyze financial markets, give suggestions on investment, and submit financial reports.

3. Materials engineers

They work with metals, plastics, and ceramics because they have to test and design the materials to meet the needs of the products. As per Indeed report, their average national salary is $90,497.

4. Database administrator

Their role is to administer the designs, structure, and update the available information databases so that the information is easily available to the users.

5. Nuclear engineer

Their responsibility is to research, create, operate and examine the nuclear equipment. They usually work in power plants, offices, testing sites, or laboratories.

6. Compensation managers

They deal with developing and updating the company’s payroll and pay structure. Also, compensation is important for companies and industries, therefore there are many options for them.

7. Economists

They engage in analyzing historical trends and the cost of products in order to solve various economic problems. They also anticipate various economic changes.

The average national salary as per Indeed is $97,594 per year.

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