Milk has been a part of the human diet for ages. It is considered one of the most nutritious drinks, as it provides one with all the necessary nutrients such as calcium, proteins, and other necessary vitamins. In most households, milk is considered as important as salt. With the expansion of technology and science in the bio-industry, the concept of milk has evolved.

For past many years, non-dairy milk options have become popular, directly challenging cow milk for grocery path supremacy. Right From lactose tolerance problems to various people going vegan or dairy-free, there are a numerous reasons why these alternatives are rising in prominence among shoppers.

Milk from animals such as cows, buffalo, goats, and camels was consumed on large scale but now we also have an option of vegan milk. Science has found that most people might be lactose intolerant and they had to skip the milk. So the food industry came up with the concept of making vegan milk that will be lactose-free as a cow or any other milk consisted of lactose. Vegan milk is generally made from Almonds, soy, or coconut.

Talking about the nutrient content in cow milk vs vegan milk, it is almost similar.As long as the nutrient profile is the same, choosing one or the other is really about taste and choice. Choosing which milk is better cow or vegan completely depends on the lifestyle and health of a person. Many people are turning vegan and vegan milk is surely been a blessing to them. Which milk is best will depend on the individual choice.
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