Vidyut Jamwal is a Bollywood actor who is listed as the top sixth martial artist in the world. He is the only fittest actor in the Bollywood industry to have been featured on the list with many other artists from across the world.

Vidyut Jamwal, known as the kalarippayattu practitioner, started martial training at the age of 3, which was a mixture of yoga, strength and conditioning. This Indian actor was featured in Commando and many other movies where he showcased his stunning skills. He is known for his on-screen terrific stunts that never fails to astound the viewers.

Kalaripayattu is the first martial art of India which is similar to Kung Fu. Vidyut Jamwal has a passion for athleticism and he had spent time training with Shaolin monks of China.

He has a patriotic spirit towards kalarippayattu because when he received an award from Jackie Chan and the discussion of kalaripayattu, the Indian martial art made him feel proud. He has a positive vision of kalaripayattu and wants to display it and make it worldwide through various films.

Jamwal has turned out to be an inspirational figure to many Indians because he has taken time from his hectic schedules to make passionate and informative martial arts-based self-defence training videos.

In a country where women and girls safety is an urgent matter, teaching self-defence techniques are essential. A mere look at his self-defence videos motivates the audience to learn some tricks without taking any martial art classes.

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