As you all know laughter is the best medicine ever known. Multiple health benefits are coming up from laughing. People who suffer from extreme stress in life,  join various laughter yoga clubs. These clubs are formed in parks where a group of people come together to experience laughter and to laugh and make your heart, mind, and body relaxed from all stress. Deep-rooted belly laughter is one of the best feelings one can feel. These laughter clubs bring together people and establish an amazing connection between the members. Laughter can make your life better. There are several benefits of such laughter yoga clubs, few are stated below.

Helps in lowering blood pressure

Laughing can help you maintain good blood pressure. Normal or high blood pressure causes the risk of stroke and heart attacks. To remove time from your daily schedule and join such clubs for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Reduces stress

By doing laughter yoga, you are reducing the level of stress hormones, and simultaneously cutting down anxiety and stress that impact your body. In addition, lower down stress can also boost your immune system.

Works on your belly fat

One of the benefits laughter yoga does is, it tones your ab muscle and belly fat. When you laugh, your stomach expands and contracts and this helps you tone the abs and gets you a toned tummy.

Improves cardiac health

Laughter yoga is a great cardio workout. Especially for those people who are unable to do other physical activities like jogging or running eg. Old age people. Laughter gets your heart pumping and burns similar calories like any other exercise.

Releases endorphins

Endorphins are natural painkillers for our bodies. Laughter yoga helps you release endorphins, which help you ease chronic pain and makes you relaxed.

Promotes well being

Laughter is the best medicine anyone can ever have. Laughter yoga can increase your health level and promote your overall well-being.

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