Fitness is of much importance in human life. Everyone is trying their level best to keep themselves fit as much as possible. For fitness, there are lots of things we need to do. Rather we can say that there are many pillars of fitness.

Here we have a look at the main five pillars of fitness.

  • Cardiorespiratory fitness

Among the five pillars of fitness important fitness pillar is Cardiorespiratory fitness. Heart and lungs are of very much importance. Its fitness is a must to be fit forever. For this, all types of cardio exercise such as running, swimming, jumping, skipping, needs to be done frequently. Also, different yoga, as well as pranayama, needs to be done for the strength of the lungs as well as the heart which is important for overall fitness.

  • Physical fitness

The second main pillar of fitness is physical fitness. Your physical fitness is also very important. For that alongside cardio, you need to do weight training. Also, you can try to built muscle by doing chest, arms, shoulder, legs, etc. exercise. Your muscles, tendon, and bones get stronger due to this.

  • Core fitness

Another one is the fitness of the core. Your spine strength is of much importance. Without core strength, you can’t manage other body strength. For this different yoga exercises needs to be done such as knee stretch up to chest or chin to stretch or hip stretch etc can be performed.

  • Flexibility

Another fitness pillar is flexibility. Your body needs to be flexible always. If your body is flexible enough will give you better strength. Always try to do exercises that promote and improves your flexibility.

  • Balance

The last pillar of fitness is balance. The overall balance of the body is very important, especially in older age. The balance between your diet, exercise, and your lifestyle is important and needs to be followed. A proper balance will ensure good fitness goals.

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