Typically, when we think of “South Indian food,” our minds go straight to the beloved dosas and idlis, as well as the steaming vadas and lip-smacking coconut chutney that form the perfect morning fix. Additionally, it is difficult to resist the rich and complex curries produced with earthy spices like mustard and curry leaves and luscious coconut milk. Regardless of the time of year, kokum sharbat or imli sharbat make a delicious beverage. So let’s revisit some classic South Indian treats and the background behind their unrivaled dominance.

1. Payasam

The one dessert that Southerners like regardless of their age or cultural background is payasam. The milk delight is prepared for both those seldom indulgences and all noteworthy events. The word is thought to have its origins in the Sanskrit word “peeyusham,” which means nectar or ambrosia.

2. Mysore Pak

To the palette of a sweets lover, the phrase “Mysore Pak” works wonders. It triggers an immediate drool, as if flipping a switch. It’s difficult to resist another slice of it because it’s made with copious amounts of ghee, sugar, gram flour, and flavorful cardamom.

3. Boorelu

Boorelu, a deep-fried sweet ball that originates from Andhra Pradesh, is a symbol of joy and celebration. This treat’s filling is made of Bengal gram, coconut, sugar or jaggery, and cardamom powder, which serves as a flavor enhancer.


Similar to modak created in other regions of India, kozhukattai is a well-known South Indian sweet dumpling made from rice flour with a filling of shredded coconut and jaggery. It is typically consumed with tea as a snack or during breakfast

5. Rava Kesari with Milk

South India’s rava kesari, which has a creamy and roasted aftertaste, is an amazing pleasure, much like sooji ka halwa. It is attractive and highly welcoming, and when saffron is added, it is typically a vivid orange color. To make it more delicious, you can add fruits of your preference, such as mangoes or pineapples.

Source: NDTV food

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