Hectic work life and a lot of pressure lead to stress and depression. This might sound okay, but it gets on our nerves many times. Such pressure makes you feel angry and frustrated, and you end up scolding or behaving ill toward others. At such times the one thing you need the most is relaxation and calmness from your jumbled thoughts that are floating all over your brain.

Listen to these songs to keep going well!

1)Naam Smaran: This song is from the album Ganesh Utsav Avahan To Visarjan. This melody is sung by Soli Kapadia, released in the year 2005. The song will inspire you to be calm and composed.

2)Kahe Shriram: The classical religious melody by Rajesh Mishra is from the album Sankat Mochan Jai Hanuman. Hearing this song will empower your thoughts. The song was released in 2000.

3)Ram Ram Sita Ram: This song is from the album Ram Dhuni. The song was released in 1992. The melodious artist Anuradha Paudwal sang the song.

4)Kalyan Bhavna: This song is from the album Gnani Ni Chhayama. Dada Bhagwan sang this song in such a way that will only bring positive thoughts to your jumbled thoughts.

5)Nagri Ho Ayodhya Si: Listen to this melody sung by Maithili Thakur to get lost in the deep soulful lyrics of the song.

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