Sex on a regular basis can improve your general health and provide immunity to a variety of ailments. It may prolong life and lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, and even some illnesses. Your immune system strengthens, and your mental health improves. Your sleep quality increases, lowering your risk of a variety of disorders. However, there are several disorders that might interfere with, if not damage, your sexual life.

Here are 4 secret health conditions that can ruin your sex life

1. Cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease frequently produces psychological anguish, which can impair sexual performance. Many patients may be concerned that sex may aggravate their condition, which will have a bad effect on their sex life. Anxiety and stress, which are frequently side effects of cardiovascular disease, are among the primary causes of erectile dysfunction and low libido.

2. Obesity

This is a major contributor to a variety of chronic diseases and health problems. It can also have a big impact on your arousal. Obese men have lower testosterone levels and are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction. Obese women have a decreased libido as well. The good news is that if you reduce weight, these issues will go away.

3. Cancer

Cancer patients, like everyone else, are concerned about their libido. Cancer and its treatments can disrupt hormone balance, impair nerve function, and kill sexual impulses. Consult your physician. Proper medicine and counseling can assist you in overcoming these issues.

4. Diabetes:

Unmanaged blood sugar levels can harm nerves and blood vessels. Diabetes can also induce hypertension, heart problems, and depression. All of these disorders have a negative impact on sex life. However, you may readily combat this by controlling your blood sugar levels.

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