Checkout Exercises To Tone And Strengthen Your Arms

These techniques tone down two spots you want to show off on the beach. In addition, the core is strengthened and the balance is improved. Ideal for surfing and SUP.

1. Reverse Reach

Face up, bend your legs, keep your legs hip-width apart, and place your right hand behind your head. Place your weight on your left hand and your elbows on the floor at chest level. Squeeze your knees together and straighten your right leg. Lift your left shoulder and reach for your right knee while keeping your chest wide (see figure). Repeat once at the beginning. Repeat 15 times. Switch sides and repeat.

2. Reach & Cross

Put your weight on your right hand and begin on your hands and knees. Lift your right elbow toward your knee and pull your left knee toward your chest. Swing your leg back and forth (as shown) with your right hand extended to your left leg and repeat once. Repeat 15 times. Switch sides and repeat.

3. Raise your arms and shake your legs

Place your hands under your shoulders, hold your weight in your right hand, and start with a high board. Lift the weight to your chest with your elbows facing up. Lower your weight to the floor. Shake your right foot to the side and your toes touch the floor (see figure). 1 rep back to the beginning. Do 15 repetitions. Change sides and repeat.

4. Frog Crunch

With the floor facing up, close your knees and 45 degrees off the floor, extend your arms overhead and put your weight on both hands. Bend your knees, spread your legs, raise your torso, keep your legs together, and extend your arms forward until your weight is evenly distributed between your knees (see figure). Repeat once at the beginning. Repeat 30 times.

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