Those who choose black as the primary color tend to feel grandeur and authority. These individuals are often artistic and compassionate. Very autonomous and solid people who prefer to take responsibility for themselves and their surroundings. These individuals are not shy, but they pay attention to the facts of their lives and do not easily share information with others so that they do not look weak.

People of this personality type have a seductive urge to make themselves look mysterious, but their choices may reflect restraint of ambition and secular goals. It implies hidden depth and deep admiration.

This quality is generally accompanied by a fashion feel. Think of a man in a black-tie or a woman in a suit. This is usually done by senior management or business people. It exudes self-confidence and professionalism and works well in a variety of situations.

It’s best to incorporate different “colors” into your life and measure your limits to maintain balance. The black color personality contains non-emotional features that give a person

the image of being elegant, sophisticated, and in full control. Typical characteristics of senior corporate executives, strong lawyers, nightclub owners, actors/actresses, entrepreneurs, etc. They like to keep a safe distance from others, protect their feelings, and create an unbreakable shield between themselves and others.

These individuals have the potential for success, but they are always looking for greater fulfillment. Still, no matter how much I win, there is always a feeling of emptiness, and as a result, I am always looking for myself.

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