Are your thoughts making you miserable? If you want to get rid of being miserable due to your thoughts then here are some ways to stop those miserable thoughts.

1. Investigate your thought

Notice what you are thinking right now. Find out if you are living the story which is not true and how are you supposed to react to it. When you question yourself whether it is true or not you gain a clear idea.

2. Understand the difference between ruminating and problem-solving

You need to understand that thinking about unpleasant things is not always bad because at times it can be a process of healing. You can even change these thoughts and feelings and put them to productive use. Ruminating is dwelling on your problems and when you look for solutions you deal with problem-solving. Problem-solving would help you move ahead.

3. Change your train of thoughts

Give your negative thoughts a reality check. You should try reframing an event that is when something negative occurs, look for the positives that were tagged along with it. It is important to train your mind to challenge irrational thoughts and replace them with logical and accurate thinking.

4. Seek help if necessary

When you experience certain mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, you’d likely think about the unpleasant things. Also, if you keep on thinking about unpleasant things, then you’d develop various mental health problems, therefore it is better to seek help when thoughts become overwhelming.

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