Nature possesses the power to extract the stress out from a person’s mind. Nature serves as a connection with our souls, often we forget to realize that we are a part of nature, our bodies are bound to nature, nature nurtures us. After all, what are we made up of? Our skin, bones get dissolved in the soil when buried or cremated after death, don’t we become one with the Earth! Indications have proven that a women’s monthly cycle is correlated to that of the moon’s phases and cycle. Nature is not only our biggest source of inspiration but also our greatest teacher. It teaches us how to live our life peacefully.

Nature teaches us oneness and unity, the galore of a variety of trees that stand close to each other never complain about their existence of being planted or grown beside a tree which isn’t of a similar breed. Similarly, it teaches us to stay together by being united despite our race or religion. When we stay united, peace will ultimately be a survivor amongst us.

Be more selfless, nature teaches us more to give than to take. Nature gives us so many things, like fruits, flowers, coal, gold, etc. It never asks for anything in return from us, it doesn’t charge us for it. In the same manner, when we become selfless just like nature, we learn to become more generous and generosity and kindness eventually lends us peace of mind.

Nature every time doesn’t necessarily have to give us a reason to live a peaceful life, just by looking at the green, dense, claiming serene beauty, nature can extract stress out of our minds. Nature teaches us to be mindful, in fact by being in the vicinity of nature we can learn so many things from the small creatures surrounded by us, we can learn “love” and “affection” from a tiny little animal or a bird.

Nature also teaches us to stay grounded and to be down to earth. It teaches us that how much we soar high up in the sky, it reminds us that our feet should always stay on the ground. You can touch your sky but you are nothing without your roots. So when we learn to be grounded no worries and stress will ever become too “hard” on us letting us live a peaceful life.

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