Some people find it overwhelming to make friends but if you step out of your comfort zone they you can easily make friends.

Here are some ways to make good friends and be happy.

1. Make yourself available

You need to put yourself out there and meet new people if you want to make friends. If you are in a social setting then rather than sitting alone sit somewhere where there are other people.

2. Volunteer for a cause

If you want to meet new people, then you can volunteer for a cause. When you work with other people, you develop a bond with them. You may meet people who share the same passion as you.

3. Search for opportunities to talk to people

You won’t be able to make friends if you don’t talk to anyone even if you join a club or go to school. Whenever you talk to someone, you create a chance of making a lasting friend. You can start a friendly conversation without worrying about saying anything special.

4. Achieve common interests

If you find a person who has similar interests to you then you need to ask them about it and maybe join them as well in working towards that interest.

5. Be a loyal friend and a good listener

The people that value quality are attracted to friends who are loyal. Being loyal to your existing friends is the best way to attract the kind of friends you want in your life. Whenever you listen to what others have to say, it shows that you are interested and people would want to be your friend.

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