Most of our time is spent inside our minds, calculating our future and replaying past events. The negative thoughts that keep coming can prevent you from enjoying your life.

Here are the things you can do when negative thoughts overpower you.

1. Challenge the negative thoughts

Whenever negative thoughts make their way in, stop and find out whether they are accurate. Ask yourself what worse could happen. Think how you would respond to a friend who would have gone through the same thing.

2. Practice gratitude

Gratitude has a positive and happy impact on our lives. When you are plagued with negative thoughts, you can overcome it by being thankful for all the things you already have. Observing that most of the things are going well in life, you’d be able to overcome the negative thoughts.

3. Focus on your strength

Humans tend to think about more negatives in life than positives. However, the more you focus on your strength, the more you will feel positive in life. It is always preferable to think about what you like about yourself when some harsh thoughts try to make their way in.

4. Smile more

Smiling is good for mood and stress reliever. Even if your smile is fake, you’d still be able to feel better because a smile has a positive impact on one’s mood.

5. Change the direction of your thoughts from negative to positive

Whenever you notice that your thoughts have taken a negative path, work towards diverting those thoughts on the positive path.
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