TV shows has entertained us for years. It have made us laugh, cry, angry. It has taken us through rollercoaster of emotions over a period of time. Many of us prefer to watch TV shows with groups, which can be family, friends, colleagues, etc. While some of them prefer to do it alone by themselves. The choice of whether watch TV shows with group or individually, completely depends on the personality of a person.

An extrovert out going individual will prefer to watch and enjoy TV shows with group. Watching TV shows with group will bring him or her the happiness or joy as they have a personality where they love being in a group. Being alone can make them lonely and depressed at times. While an individual with introverted personality won’t be comfortable with lot of people and prefer watching TV shows alone and enjoying by themselves.
But there are certain times when it is preferred that being with close ones and doing an activity together can really help to relieve stress and depression.

Watching TV shows with family can help you interact with them and help you get to know their interest and likings. Watching TV shows with friends help you to evolve better. Liking towards a particular show can also help you to get know a person better. Watching news and political or and other knowledge based debate or forums together with a group helps to increase the knowledge of that particular topic as you can do brain storming about that topics.

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