Actor Sonu Sood, from being a popular villain in movies to a real-life hero has inspired millions of people. He was born on 30 July 1973. In 1999 He started working in south Indian films making him popular at a state level. In 2003 he got his big break in a Hindi movie named “Kahan ho tum”. Since then he has won many awards for his acting.

Sonu Sood has done a lot of social work during this Covid-19 pandemic. In 2020 when there was a nationwide lockdown, Sonu stood for the migrant workers and helped them to reach their homes by arranging busses. He also brought back students stuck abroad by arranging special flights for them.

He has launched his website, through which he can communicate with people. Sonu has donated almost all of his salary to help needy people. He has launched an initiative “illaj India” which helps needy people with healthcare services. He also has a “Sood charity foundation”.

He believes that educating people can do wonders for this nation. He also pays for student education for the needy. He has said that” If I can’t give back to society, Then this isn’t the good life I am leading”. There is a lot to learn from Sonu as a human being . He has motivated a lot of people to help India fight covid. He has an entire team spread across India, He along with his team provides 24 hours of support to people and he has not stopped yet.

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