Excessive worry may not be such a terrible thing after all, according to a recent small study, which reveals that anxiety may have evolved alongside intelligence in humans.

Significant IQ scores were connected with high levels of worry among patients diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, according to the findings.

Furthermore, those with anxiety disorders had better IQ scores and higher levels of activity in brain regions that aid in communication between portions of the brain than healthy people. According to the experts, these places are likely to have contributed to humans’ evolutionary progress.

The wider your eyes are open, the wiser you are, and the greater your awareness. As a result, intelligent people can perceive more hazards in any given environment. More threats equal more concerns. When we are hyper-sensitive, we tend to pay closer attention to what is going on around us. As a result, we become hyper-aware individuals. The feelings that come with hyper-awareness might be harmful to our mental health.

Smart people are usually self-aware, regardless of their susceptibility to external stimuli. They are not only aware of their surroundings, but also anxious about their own performance. Smart people are more likely to be “in the spotlight.”

As a result, keeping track of their reactions to everything and everyone can become taxing. Other individuals may pick up on these reactions, therefore they must be aware of counter-reactions. This can also be a source of concern.

The brains of intelligent people operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which means their thoughts are constantly searching for new information. People with higher cognitive capacities are more likely to seek new knowledge and test beliefs.

If left unchecked, the more the mind seeks, the more anxiety it might cause. Trying to make sense of everything by seeking solutions to all the questions that arise becomes exhausting. It’s exhausting to do all of these mental tasks at the same time.

Anxious folks are more concerned since they stand to lose more. As a result, it’s critical to acknowledge and move through these worrisome feelings. You can start taking action after you’ve integrated them into your life. This is the only way to have a deeper understanding of your feelings and reduce anxiety.

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