We all need some kind of ideas and motivation to make our life better. Here are some tips and advice or hacks as you may say that will help you improve and transform your life into a better one.

· Eat that frog – prioritize things and do the hardest tasks first and the easiest one last. If your job is to eat the frog, eat it early in the morning and if it’s to eat two frogs eat the bigger one first.

· Stay hydrated– drink as much water as you can. Water is an essential element that makes the most of our body and it has the capabilities of keeping illness away. Drinking lots of water has many benefits and thus never ditch water.

· Smile whenever you can – when you smile you not only make others around you smile but also make yourself happy. Smile is a very powerful tool and also has many benefits. If you want to change your life, start it with a smile.

· Soak some early morning sun– Vitamin D is very important. Don’t forget to take your daily dose of vitamin D. Wake up early in the morning and soak in the morning sun, it cures many diseases but also gives a better start to your day

· Get your body moving – Exercise! A little bit of exercise daily is necessary. Even if it’s for five minutes you must move your body. Exercise has many advantages and is the ultimate thing you should do to make your life a better one.

· Try visualisation exercise before buying something you don’t need– before buying something you don’t need to visualise money in one hand and the thing in other, imagine money going from your hand and if you still feel like buying you may buy it.

· Always have an emergency contact feature on your phone – Even if you feel you don’t need it, keep it. It’s a very vital feature and should be available in everyone’s mobile, you never know where you might get stuck.

· Eat healthier– Nothing better than eating healthy food, add veggies and other nutritional food in your diet. A healthy diet makes sure that you don’t get overweight or unhealthy.

· Write down things you are grateful for – Make it a habit to write down at least three things every day that you are grateful for and see how it makes a difference in your perspective of looking at life.

· Save money as much as you can – Saving is a good habit you must adopt if you want to live a happy life ahead. Saving a part of your earnings make sure that your future is secure and at times of the crisis you need not depend on debt.

· Be kind– The most Important thing is to be kind to everyone, help people in need, speak kind words, be respectful and be thankful to people who helped you.

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