Criticism is not easy to take but it is difficult to take an honest look at yourself. However you can learn to take criticism in a positive way.

Here are some simple ways to help you deal well with criticism.

1. Keep your calm and don’t take it personally

Criticism is not supposed to bring you down because it is supposed to help you. Therefore, don’t take it personally, instead work on improving yourself.

2. Figure out the truth in the criticism

Give the person a chance to talk without interrupting and pay attention to the criticism. It will help you to break it down and figure out what to do next. This will help you to gain good information rather than being hurtful about it.

3. Tell yourself that criticism is a way to improve yourself

Criticism is a gift even though it might be too harsh in the beginning. You can use criticism to make yourself a strong person. Criticism is like a nudge to bring about positive changes. Consider it as a tool for personal growth.

4. Remind yourself that criticism hurts only when you let it

Words are just words, no matter what you do. The criticisms that are destructive can’t physically hurt you. So, remember that they are just words and try not to take it too seriously.

5. Express gratitude to those who provide constructive criticism

It is always good to thank a person who gives you meaningful or constructive feedback because they care about you.

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