What it means to accept things for the way they are is that, accepting their originality, accepting them for the way they are, the way they exist, the way they are formed and brought into being. But in this world full of “so considered imperfections” in naturality and originality, is it easy or either possible to accept things for the way they are? We don’t have a precise answer to this question.

We are all humans and as an essential part of the human race, have to go through so many uncertainties created by us humans. It’s like the human race itself is responsible for the irresponsible, wrong, and unexpected things that happen to mankind. To make it more precise, it’s like chopping off your leg with your ax.

We yearn to change the originality of ourselves, others, and even of nature. We should learn to accept things as they are, for the better mental and physical state of ourselves and that of others as well. When we try to change things from their natural state, we spoil the entirety, beauty, and essence of it, we eradicate and lose the originality of their mere “existence”, this can be about a thing or a human being as well.

When we accept things the way they are, we become more open-minded and don’t necessarily restrict our thoughts to a certain stigma. When we accept things for the way they are, it speaks volumes about us. It doesn’t just define us as an accepting individual but also as a person who is full of positivity, sees the good in everything, and most importantly is one who celebrates the natural state of every existing species.

Not just that, but the perks of acceptance, lead us to maintain and build healthy relationships of all kinds. It makes us less judgemental, more understanding, happy, content, and joyous.

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